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Depending on your .NET programming experience you may or may not know about Windows Services.

Windows Services are the back-bone of my system and do all the "heavy-lifting".

Today there are two Windows Services:

  1. Temperature Monitoring Service
    This service scans all the temperature monitors across the entire 1-Wire network and records the temperatures by device ID. Remember, each sensor (DS18S20 in this case) has a 64-Bit ID code. Based on the ID code, the systems knows where it is located. Currently the temperatures are scanned once every minute.
  2. Telemetry and Control Service
    This service runs queries against the database every minute and then determines if anything needs to be turned on or off. Also this service scans the ports of all the IO devices to determine the status (on or off). This information is then records into the database by device ID.

    Just like the temperature sensors, the IO devices all have 64-Bit ID's. Each device can control 8 IO ports (0 to 7). My current system I have two DS2408 chips, so 16 IO ports plus one DS2450 (4 IO ports or ADC input).

    The system I plan to have in place by summer 2011 will have 4 DS2408 (32 IO ports) and 2 DS2450 which will support a total of 8 ADC inputs and/of IO ports.

These two services work directly with the devices and the database. No user interaction happens!