1-Wire Energy Management Projects

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 Planning the Layout 

Once I had a good idea on the design of the boards (size and type) I was able to start creating different layout plans on how the boards would fit into the control box.

This also helped me plan the perfect size of the control box.

The white sheet is sized to the mounting board inside the control box.

Using the circuit design software and printing each board at 100% in size, I was able to layout a number of different configurations with the intention of maximizing how many  boards I could fit.

I really, really, wanted a 64 IO board capacity but soon realized it would not fit in the planned size of the control box. Remember the DS2408 board for IO has eight (8) positions and the DS2450 for IO or Analog input has four (4) positions. SO there are lots of combinations of the two boards to get to 64 positions.

I settled on 32 positions max due to size constraints.



Wire Length

The other advantage of these devices is the distance you can run the wires (phone cord) from the controller.

Sources on the internet claim 1-Wire devices support distances of thousands of feet. I've not tested that but so far my shorter distance tests have been successful.

In my project I plan on running about a dozen temperature sensors with wire lengths of about 300 total feet. (This is not as easy as it sounds but we'll discuss that in my "Timeline" articles)