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  IO Boards

 IO Boards mount on the DS2408 board, the DS2406 board, the DS2450 board and the DS0400 board.

The first two DS boards are named after the DS chips they support. The last board, DS0400, has no 1-Wire chip but is a carrier board only.

Note about the DS0400:
This board has four positions for the boards listed below but is specifically designed to support a single PIO of a microprocessor. We are still working on the details of this board and no boards have been made to date. We also are considering a DS0200 which will have two positions to hold the boards listed below.

As with the DS2408 and the DS2450 boards the DS0400 and the DS0200 all mount on a DIN Rail and inter-connect.

710150 Board (Mechanical Relay)


The board above supports only one relay, the Zettler AZ821 or AZ831. The relay is rated at 125V/2A. Current version of this board is 006A, or 710150.006A.

710110 Board (Three Purposes)


I'm very proud of my design and engineering work on the board above. This one board supports three different uses:

  1. As a switched output Solid State Relay using the AQH3223 chip from Panasonic, supports 600V AC/1.2A switching
  2. As a switched output Solid State Relay using the AQV201 chip from Panasonic, supports 40V AC or DC/500mA switching
  3. As an isolated input, translated to a digital input (On/Off)

710170 Board (Prototyping)

This prototyping board is extremely handy! Because of the power and ground layout down the middle and the jumper configurations to turn on and off the middle lines, this one board can have dozens of uses!

Wire Length

The other advantage of these devices is the distance you can run the wires (phone cord) from the controller.

Sources on the internet claim 1-Wire devices support distances of thousands of feet. I've not tested that but so far my shorter distance tests have been successful.

In my project I plan on running about a dozen temperature sensors with wire lengths of about 300 total feet. (This is not as easy as it sounds but we'll discuss that in my "Timeline" articles)