1-Wire Energy Management Projects

Home Telemetry and Control Systems to Monitor and Reduce Energy Costs


Below is a list of links to web sites that have supported my project, either for information or for base products like the basic 1-Wire chips I use or the micro-controller I used.

  • EEWeb - Electrical Engineering Community
    Great reference web site for everything related to electrical engineering. Check it out!
  • CircuitGizmos.com
    They have the USBmicro U401 and U421 USB interface that has support for SPI, LCD, 1-wire, stepper motor control, input, and output. CircuitGizmos also sells the unique USBPIR USB motion detection module and home automation and security software made to work with these devices.
  • Maxim IC 1-Wire Site
    Maxim IC 1-Wire devices are the backbone of my project.
  • USBMicro
    The company that manufacturers the micro-controller I use in my design supporting the DS2408 and DS2450 chips but not the DS18S20 chips (temperature sensors). PS: They don't sell the micro-controller, just have lots of information and code supporting it. http://www.circuitgizmos.com/ sells the controller.
  • AutomationDirect.com
    This company has lots of stuff related to control systems.  I purchased the 2ft x 2ft control box that I put in the attic from them.
  • Advanced Circuits
    This is the company that builds all my boards. I just love the free PC based design software they provide. It's easy to use and you can order boards right from the software.
  • Mouser Electronics
    A great electronic supply company where you can by quantity 1 of just about anything. I bought my Solid State relays and Screw Block Terminals from them (and lots of other stuff)
  • Tanner Electronics
    A great family owned and run electronics store located in Carrollton, Texas. My father shopped at Tanners over 30 years ago. Tanners does not have a web site for ordering parts though.

I'll be more than happy to answer questions so send me an email.

I'm working on lots of ideas for home energy management since I think this is going to be a big area of growth and opportunity over the next decade. If you have an idea or working on a project and not sure how to interface with a control system like mine, ask me!

The intention of my work is to one day provide the boards you need to make 1-Wire work for your project but not provide the software you also need. The reason is there are so many software options. My boards, since they are basic 1-Wire based designs, can support dozens or possibly hundreds of computer/software solutions and I really don't want to get into supporting that.

I would really rather just provide the board and you go off and find your computer/software solution.

Contact me at: info@1wireprojects.net