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Control Systems

What is a Control System?

Well, some of the definitions taken from the web are:

  • a system for controlling the operation of another system
  • a system that senses, switches, or regulates an operation
  • a hardware/software system that has as it's primary function the collection and analysis of feedback from a given set of functions for the purpose of controlling these functions
  • a system in which deliberate guidance or manipulation is used to achieve a prescribed value for a variable. Control systems include SCADA, DCS, PLCs and other types of industrial measurement and control systems

Also control systems are usually closed-loop. This means that the system can switch something on, like a liquid pump, and then get a status from the device that the pump actually turned on.

My system I built at home is mostly closed-loop.

Examples of Control Systems

So what are some examples of (computer) control system uses?

  • home air conditioning/heating system
  • home sprinkler system
  • home swimming pool control systems
  • manufacturing process of making paint
  • refine crude oil or making bio-diesel
  • monitor and control the mass process of making canned soups (or any canned food actually)
  • monitor and control the exact process of making glues and adhesives
  • exactly reproducing the syrup for brand name soft-drinks thousands of gallons at a time, perfectly, over and over again

Wonderful example of a closed-loop control system is the computerized launch control system NASA uses to get the Space Shuttle into space safely.