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 Casualties (Damaged Boards)

Your effort in supporting these kinds of systems using Solid State Relays can be difficult. Solid State Relays are hundreds of time more sensitive than mechanical relay devices.


Above shows four Solid State Relay I/O boards that have been damaged during development of the system. My newer designed boards are built with fuses to protect the Solid State Relay from any over-voltage accident.

One board using the AQH3223 SSR from Panasonic ($2 chip) was damaged intentionally (and it really hurt me inside). But I wanted to know what these chips can stand. Basically a forced failure. As it turned out this chip can stand twice it's rated capacity of 1200 mA @ 120 VAC.

Another board shown above uses a different SSR chip from Panasonic, the AQV201 which is a 40V AC/DC relay @ 500mA.

This board was subjected to 120VAC by accident. It's only rated to 40VAC/DC so it shorted out internally. (my fault).

I wish I had a better photo! Working on that.