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Home Telemetry and Control Systems to Monitor and Reduce Energy Costs


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Introducing a series of videos covering 1-Wire boards! Eventually this will include DS18S20, DS2450, DS2438 and the newest 1-Wire chip, DS28EA00.  New as of 2/16/2018!

We are working on help documentation for the applications above. It's very easy to show specific data by using "Search" and then selecting the column heading of the grid for sorting A-Z or Z-A.

All controlled by mouse clicks! For example, on HomeController, click on "START!" and drop down and select "Event Status". Once there follow the instructions above.

Please check it out!

Appears Visual J# from Microsoft is Dead!

Updated: 10/26/2015

If I'm late on this announcement or even wrong, please excuse me.

It appears there is no .NET 4.X version of VSJ# drivers. Nothing on the Internet comes up? This is rather important since the Maxim-IC drivers for the DS9490r all run under .NET 2.x (up to ver 3.5). This is fine but .NET 4.x is the future and Microsoft will stop supporting all version of .NET 4.x except the 4.5.2 version at year (2015) end.

Maxim-IC will have to do a code migration to stay up to date, probably to C# since the syntax is similar. We'll see?

SilverLight from Microsoft is Dead! It's Official!

Updated: 8/14/2015

With the introduction of Windows 10 and the new browser called Edge, SilverLight is officially dead! Microsoft no longer supports SilverLight in the Edge browser.

The rumors have been circulating this was going to happen and now it's fact. Chrome never supported SilverLight. Microsoft's attempt to create a product to replace Adobe Flash failed. And now they admit it.

Both HomeController and TemperatureController were written in Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 LightSwitch. LightSwitch requires SilverLight. It's a fantastic product and I hope Microsoft has a replacement for it.

As far as the replacement on our side, we are working on applications written in MVC 4.0


Update on Availability of 1Wire Boards

Updated: 7/31/2015

Unfortunately the entire planned 1WireBoards product offering is complicated and we are struggling to make sense out of all the offerings. Plus we have the issue with surface-mount technology that is very difficult to solder (as a hobbyist).

Not sure how log it will take but we hope to be selling boards on eBay within a few weeks.


More Information About 1WireApparatus.com

Updated: 7/7/2015

I've created a document to explain the 1Wire Apparatus.com idea. Hope you enjoy! This is a work in progress.


New Version of HomeController is available for review!

Updated: 7/4/2015

What is HomeController?

Updated: 6/30/2015

HomeController is a user interface into the data that monitors and controls systems around your house or a business. The system is based on the DS2408 and DS2450 1-Wire chips.

The intention is to make working with 1-Wire chips super-easy. You load the ROM codes into HomeController, load what you are monitoring (like HVAC or whatever), configure the boards and wiring (my boards or other vendor boards) and start controlling and monitoring!

My system requires a home computer or server running all the time to make this work. Any Windows 7 or higher home computer will work.. I suggest using a home server, like the HP MicroServer G7.

HomeController is designed to:

  • Manage a sprinkler system controlling watering based on outside temperature and interfacing with rain gauges
  • Monitor your home or business energy consumption by tying into a home or business fuse box and predicting your next electric bill
  • Monitor your natural gas water heater usage and determining monthly costs
  • Control devices (turn on/off) based on temperature, time of day or both (like a sprinkler system)
  • Monitor devices like refrigerators or washing machine/dryers
  • Baseline energy consumption before you implement new energy saving systems like insulation, air conditioners or water heaters
  • Control outdoor lighting
  • Turn sections of  your house off at night to save energy
  • Data is Cloud based so you can access this information from your phone

The possibilities are just about unlimited.

HomeTemperature is the temperature reporting system that Home Controller hooks into. HomeTemperature uses DS18S20 high-accuracy digital temperature sensors.

Neither software program is finished and I am still working on designs and capabilities plus a different version of the software is coming that works on your phone.

Questions about the systems I have created? Contact me at: onewireprojects@outlook.com

Checkout My "HomeController"  and "HomeTemperature" Apps in LightSwitch!

Updated: 6/17/2015

I've posted a "static" versions of both my HomeController App and HomeTemperature App. First time you hit the apps will take a minute or so.

The two key 1Wire Device ROMCodes end in 706220 (DS2450) and 6E1929 (DS2408). The DS2450 is monitoring total Amps at the fuse box, each leg (two 100Amp circuits). The DS2408 is monitoring my HVAC systems, water heater and rain gauge.

Still lots of work to do, this is not the finished product but it's starting to shape up. You are welcome to do anything you like, this is a demo program.

Have fun!

Site Now Running on Windows 2012r2 Virtual Server!

Updated: 6/10/2015

Since June 1st, we've been running on a new virtual server hosted in a Dallas, Texas data center. We moved from a hosting company in Albany, New York. Our old server reached end-of-life with Microsoft support and were we having reliability problems.

This new server is a virtual machine host.  We can run about 10+ virtual servers on this host. Plenty of power to run the needed applications to support all the new feature of 1WireApparatus!

Stay tuned for more updates! 

Maxim-IC 1-Wire Temperature Chips - Explained!

Updated: 2/13/2015 

Maxim-IC produces a number of different 1-Wire temperature chips. Thought it might be useful to explain the function of each one and in what situation they each would be used.

Note: Don't confuse accuracy with device resolution! Two totally different metrics for the device.

We'll start with the most inexpensive chip first and go up from there:

  • DS1822 - Econo 1-Wire Digital Thermometer
    Popular in the TO-92 package, this chip has the least accuracy of all the 1-Wire Temperature monitoring at +/- 2 C. Typical uses would be in a large device count proof-of-concept. This chip is software compatible with the DS18B20 below,
  • DS18S20 - High-Precision 1-Wire Digital Thermometer
    Also popular in the TO-92 package this chip is a favorite among hobbyists and designers. This chip has a standard +/- .5 C and 9-bit resolution. 12-Bit resolution is possible but requires special data fetch commands and then calculations by the master controller/computer. Resolution is either 9-bit or 12-bit.
  • DS18B20 - Programmable Resolution 1-Wire Digital Thermometer
    Also popular, this chip supports 1-Wire commands to change resolution from 9 to 12 bits. The accuracy is same as the DS18S20, +/- .5 C.
  • DS1921 - Temperature Sensor Programmable Digital Thermostat
    This chip is being discontinued but a rather interesting idea. This is a temperature controlled switch. You program the high and low points and this chip will monitor the temperature and turn an output latch on or off. No master computer required!
  • DS2438 - Battery Management Smart Battery Monitor
    This is a really interesting chip with all kinds of capabilities. It has a digital timer for keeping elapse time, an Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) 0 to 12 volts in, and power monitor to track battery drain and charge.

1WireApparatus.com software already supports most of these chips with the exception of the DS2438 and that is in the works!

Free Software! Part of the 1WireApparatus.com Business Plan

Updated: 1/13/2015 

It's been five years and over $50K in the making and we are finally placing our business plan for 1WireApparatus.com into motion.

All 1WireApparatus.com software will be free. All designed around Windows computers, the software covers all the features you would need for home automation. This includes LightSwitch applications, Windows Services and Web Services. Windows mobile web applications will be available later in 2015. This will include Windows Phone apps. In 2016 we'll expand to iPhone apps.

You can use anybody's hardware but I'm hoping you'll use ours. More to come in February 2015.

History of the IBM MainFrame - Computer History Truly Does Repeat Itself

Updated: 8/25/2014

General Motors created the first IBM Mainframe OS (not IBM) for it's own IBM computers in 1955. IBM had no interest in writing an OS for many years. But it got complicated quickly since each new IBM Mainframe required a new OS until System/360 (Sound familiar?) Read the entire history on Wikipedia.

IBM Mainframe History on Wikipedia

Microsoft LightSwitch 2013 Development Tool of Choice for 1WireBits

Updated: 8/92014

If you are wondering what I'm taking about you're not alone. Basically I'm looking at a big picture and recently started building a business plan to support everything I'm doing in energy management, monitoring, board design and software.

1WireBits is the software arm of a new company I'm creating called 1WireApparaus.com. We will focus on the hobbiest first and then expand to Cloud Based data storage for my energy management devices.

Once we have the Cloud created then the capability to create apps for  your phone and home Internet becomes very simple.

More to come in the next 30 days. Stay tuned!

Demo and Test Software Now Available for Download

Updated: 7/5/2014

If you use any of the USBMicro controllers, you can now use my demo and test software to experiment with. Check out the Software section of this site.

Welcome to my 1-Wire Project web site!

This site was created to discuss and organize my efforts in creating solutions with 1-Wire devices to conserve resources at home.

What would you think about a system that could monitor every major appliance, lights, heating and cooling and could provide real-time and historical energy costs via your home intranet?

What about controlling your sprinkler system and attic fans (if you have any) from your home intranet?

What about a system that could "turn off" parts of your home at night and/or during the day where phantom/parasite power exist?

That's exactly what I've set out to do!

1Wire from Dallas Semiconductor (Maxim-IC) is by far THE MOST powerful micro-network control system that exists!

I'm creating a family of boards around 1-Wire devices that can easily monitor and control just about everything in your house! (and I don't use X10)

You must read about my experience with my kitchen refrigerator!

Note: Recently updated the  "Software" section and it's not in the menus  yet. Please check out the new Software section!

Note: We also added another section of the web site on 10/2/10 to report problems/errors or just flat out screw-ups! Please visit the Casualties section of the web site for more information.

If you're not familiar with 1-Wire from Dallas Semiconductor/Maxim-IC, you will be after reviewing my site. My current and planned  projects are listed below:

  • Sprinkler and Attic Fan Control Systems (done!)
  • Outdoor lighting systems
  • Emergency lighting systems
  • System monitoring (like your HVAC system) (done!)
  • Home Energy Management (turning off electrical sections of your home at night (including the refrig) to save energy
  • Temperature monitoring across a large spectrum of areas at home including refrigerators, freezers, HVAC ducts and more (done!)
  • Monitoring pressures, humidity and solar energy to determine when HVAC filters should be replaced and when to and not to water the yard. (in work)
  • Monitor every major appliance (at the fuse box) and report in real-time power usage and cost (in work!)

Thanks for visiting!

  My Background

Since the early '80s I've been interested in computer automation and control systems. My father was an electrical engineer for Texas Instruments in Dallas, Texas but his knowledge was more centered around analog electronics and not digital since he started at TI in the early '50s, the digital age was just getting started. Of course, TI changed all that!

My parents also owned rental property in Dallas (something started by my grand parents) so I was taught at a very young age how to fix things like heaters, air conditioners, door locks, plumbing, electrical and such (I hated it!). But also, I became very good at it.

Once out of college with a degree in business (minor in computer science), I was hired by Texas Instruments (surprise!) and have worked there my entire career. (actually it's now Raytheon) It's pretty cool to be surrounded by engineers all your career that know how everything in the world works.

Got married, bought a house, had two kids and here I am!

Well, that covers my background. Everything to follow will be covered under the different menu items at the top and bottom of the page.

Thanks and welcome to my site!

What is 1-Wire?

1-Wire, if you were wondering,  is a device communications bus system designed by Dallas Semiconductor Corp. that provides low-speed data (there is a high-speed mode), signaling and power over a single signal. It is typically used to communicate with small inexpensive devices such as digital thermometers and weather instruments. A network of 1-Wire devices with an associated master device is called a MicroLan.

Basically the system only requires 1 wire and ground (that's where the name comes from) because the digital signal line is high or ON by default and not OFF like normal digital signals. Being on by default provides the power to the devices so no DC power is required for the devices to function. When signals pulse (digital pulses or bit-banging) the 1-Wire devices have small capacitors they get power from while the power is off.

Where weight savings is necessary or critical, this system can provide huge benefits!